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The site is dedicated to the development of authentic- self, Universal Knowledge, Metamatics, Meditation and Ontological confidence. You have the possibility of practicing remotely on the online ashram or in presence in Occitania country of the Albans (Cathars).

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Patricia vous propose des pratiques quotidiennes de travail sur soi, de confiance en soi et de meditation en ligne. Retraite chez soi pour transverse cette période de distanciation sociale.


Patricia De Val Real

Creator of the “Val Real” method

You have potential! Learn to boost your confidence, it is a real training in self-confidence with content, a certifying methodology, you can use it independently.

meditation camp in djerba

The Consciousness and the Attention which we bring on ourselves as well as the Attitude which we have regard to our intimate environment are extremely important for our personal accomplishment. Its realization stems from a primordial interest in the realization of the Being to access a state of being more conscious and a better quality of life. The Art of putting creativity into one’s life provides a perceptible enjoyment in its most sensitive and receptive approach to the daily wonderment towards living beings or things here below. It is a deliberate choice to decide to make one’s existence an infinitely beautiful work of art by recognizing all aspects, whether positive or negative. It is not a flight into the imagination or fantasy, but a deep harmony between the warp woven into me and the weft of my existence. The framework of the weaving loom is the game of life or “Lîla”. The notion of time is thus lost, only the Presence is reality because the living is Presence and Creation timeless.

So let’s make of our life a Game in a framework of life in which we can play, where life will be a comedy not a tragedy. Our experience is resilience so the negentropic memory is registered on the registers of the akasha and we hope it will be used for a constructive evolution not a samsaric repetition.

Our team works for the Quality of Being and the quality of life. Occitania and Djerba meet all the conditions suitable for arts. In the context of our retreats, each person is welcomed in recognition of their uniqueness and their rhythm. The conviviality and the Art of living together in an unusual and timeless intensity of life allow us to discover ourselves differently. In this state of mind, our meetings and reunions have a festive taste. We always favor Quality over quantity. Friendship is important; it is cultivated in simplicity, authenticity but also in a sense of play with humor and spontaneity. There is a life here devoted to the art of living together deeply humanist.


Self-confidence is neither limited, restrained, nor controlled. It is, and is lived in the present moment. Self-confidence is an inner atmosphere. It’s an essential engine of life. We believe that trust, like happiness, should be due to us. Well no. Confidence is cultivated. We have already known this confidence in our youth and often we have forgotten it.


Our meditations are devoted more particularly: to relax physical and mental tensions, to become aware of the mechanisms of ego functioning, to the opennesse / reception / presence in a letting go.


The sun rises every morning over the Meditation camp, built around the Dar Celina “houch”. We meditate in nomad tents in the olive grove dotted with large palm trees where a sea breeze comes to cool us. We are in the heart of the island, calm in an unspoiled emblematic nature. In an authentic Mediterranean site in the middle of Djerbien life. Here, we take the time to let us tell the story of the millennial culture of sweet Djerba.



Self-confidence is a central pillar of our life. However, for historical and cultural reasons, the effects of which are still being felt despite current goodwill, women are more affected by a lack of self-esteem. This is why this book is dedicated to them. He guides each of them in a reappropriation of her own value and her life.

After a test that permits to assess one’s level of confidence, it shows in nine steps, illustrated with examples and enriched with exercises, how to root within you a real confidence, far from “clichés” and stereotypes. Nine stages that form the branches of a star: your lucky star, which will accompany you throughout your life. And, because self-confidence radiates well-being and respect, it will have a beneficial impact on your relationships with your loved ones and in your professional life.


In Occitania in France and in Djerba in Tunisia.

Speaker: Patricia de Val Real



Speaker: Patricia de Val Real


Date: unknown

Address: Golf Estolosa, 31280 Drémil Lafarge



interveners: The Center team

Date: October 17, 2020, 8H

Address: Star’s Center in Djerba



Speaker: Patricia de Val Real

Date: unknown

Address: Espace Transparence, 7 rue Chabanon, Toulouse

conférence – atelier

Confiance en Soi

Cette journée aide à faire le vide mental, pour laisser s’exprimer la confiance en présence. Faire place nette, afin que de ce vide, la créativité soit libérée de toute entrave et de tout schéma de construction préétablie. L’écoute et l’attention peuvent alors émerger et refléter sur la toile, la joie de partager. La peinture devient le médiateur direct, sans réflexion et sans mental.

Speaker: Patricia de Val Real


Date: Indéterminée

Adress: Espace Transparence